Colombian Women for Marriage: Whether They Worth Attention

Once you’ve seen Colombian women for marriage somewhere in the streets, you’ll never forget them. Hot, gorgeous, and intelligent cuties drive a sane person crazy. No man resists those adorable mugs and seductive curves. Their natural beauty and sexuality harmonize with traditional values and family cult.

Some men may consider Colombian girls easy, thinking that they crave better life too much. All people from such countries as Colombia would be happy to get a higher level of life. However, no complicated economic situation makes these ladies lose self-respect. They feel free and independent on their territory since the government efficiently protects their rights. Every violence and discrimination towards gorgeous Colombian women is severely punishable by the law. All girls have free access to education, and many females actively participate in the country’s political life.

Colombian women for marriage are strong, beautiful, free, and pretty picky. At the same time, they are warm, open, friendly, loyal to foreigners, and like to date them. The Colombians are special, loving their country very much and welcoming people from other parts of the world.

Mail order brides from Colombia are very passionate about their traditions and customs. They know their roots and history and share interesting facts about their region with their foreign friends. Western men usually feel welcome there.

Location Havana
Age 28
Occupation Hairdresser
English level Intermediate

Colombian Women Profiles

Amelia 28 y.o.
Aurelia 27 y.o.
Clara 25 y.o.
Buenos Aires
Animal trainer
Ava 24 y.o.
Camila 27 y.o.
Buenos Aires
Adriana 29 y.o.
Valeria 27 y.o.
Buenos Aires
Antonia 26 y.o.
Mia 30 y.o.
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Why Do Colombian Women Want to Date Western Men?

The truth is that tons of singles there really want to marry Americans, Canadians, British, and Australians. Why are so many hot Colombian girls looking for life partners outside? The reason is apparent. Colombia is still a marital country, and men play a dominant part. A high percentage of them don’t respect women, according to many Colombians’ reviews. Besides, Colombian brides specify that locals are not faithful and often cheat on them. They also prefer parties to family life, being not responsible and mature.

Interestingly, their mothers protect their lifestyles, despite the same problems they have with their own husbands. Many guys live with their moms until they marry, and this tradition spoils them very much. Many modern beautiful Colombian women are getting tired of it. They want more loyal, respectful, and mature men that will treat them properly.

Colombian Women

Colombian Women’s Key Traits to Appreciate, Value, and Enjoy

Hot Colombian women are very sensual and passionate, open as personalities, and easy-going to get in touch with them. Generally, in Colombia, it’s very easy to start communicating with somebody. This is a significant plus since many Americans and Europeans usually go to a bar and don’t know how to talk to women there. In Colombia, women will more likely approach you. They always smile, greet, talk, dance, etc. Now, let’s overview other Colombian beauties’ features:

  • Young women from Colombia are self-reliant. They identify themselves as individuals and realize that they deserve respect and good treatment.
  • Girlfriends are hedonistic and know how to be happy every day. They like entertainment without complications and sophisticated stuff.
  • They dance beautifully, moving their hips like goddesses, like no else in the world. Is that a terrible thing when guys cannot dance? Indeed, men don’t have to know anything. If they just come and are willing to dance, women will be happy to help. They love dancing and adore teaching to dance. This is a great way to know each other.
  • Girls from Colombia are very kind and empathetic. You can tell them everything, and they listen to you attentively, trying to comfort and entertain you.
  • Colombian mail order brides are emotional. Mostly, they are positive, but they can go nuts when facing harassment and inappropriate attitudes towards themselves, their families, and marriage.
  • Colombian mail order wives are feminine. They care much about their appearances, dresses, footwear, and accessories.
  • They are adventurous and open to various fun, from a cup of coffee to climbing.
  • Colombian women are hardworking, meaning studying, working, and house holding.
  • The girls are sensitive there despite all the hardships they have to overcome.
  • All Colombian women cook their national dishes well. Note that food is different across the country since it depends on a specific region’s traditions.

What else should you expect when coming to Colombia? Forget about stereotypes imposed by a TV and keep reading. A genuine Colombian female has zero in common with Pablo Escobar, drugs, and another sheet. Don’t think that if you have money, you can buy Colombiana’s love. Women are very friendly to foreigners, but they are not going to faint at men’s feet. If you get a girl for marriage, who dates you because of your money, you risk waking up one morning without a girl and the cash. Genuine Colombian women are not easy or dirty. Those over 50 looking for supermodels in their 20s can walk past.

How to Treat Colombian Ladies for Marriage

What does dating a Colombian woman look like? How to act properly, following the local dating etiquette? Lets’ unlock some tricks to make your experience fascinating rather than frustrating.

  • As single Colombian women prefer masculine guys, please always take the first step. It relates to your offers, decisions, and some financial issues. For example, you should pay a bill in a restaurant, buy small presents for her, offer drinks and food. There is nothing special or expensive, but just things that help a girl see your interest and care.
  • Colombian brides for marriage are traditional. Try to meet your girlfriend’s family as soon as possible and win her parents’ sympathy. Be respectful and demonstrate your seriousness.
  • When you invite women to go out, it’s crucial to take a car or taxi and meet Colombian women at their residence and give them a ride home after a date.
  • Don’t count on too much during the first date. Be respectful and limit your interaction to a couple of drinks, talks, and dancing.

To be sincere and genuine is a number-one rule for men since a Colombian woman loves because she loves and not because of a guy’s money or social status.

Crucial Details You Should Know About Colombian Women for Marriage

Colombian women for marriage can surprise you in many ways. First, have tight connections with Colombian families, no matter how feminist they are. That’s why they are not in a hurry to follow their foreign men and travel overseas. If a guy wants his Colombian woman to move to the USA or somewhere else, he should do all his best to make a girl for marriage trust him. It’s critical to show respect to her parents and relatives and get in touch with local culture and traditions. Catholics prevail here, that means some specific values you should accept.

Bear in mind Colombia is one of the most developed countries in Latin America, and don’t overprice your value in local cuties’ eyes. The reality is simple, meaning you have to endeavor to fulfill your dreams and find Colombian women.

Don’t forget about safety to escape dangerous situations. The crime rate is average here, but it is still higher than, for example, in Great Britain or Australia. It’s necessary to avoid suspicious people into shady activities to ensure safe and positive Colombian women online dating.

Colombian Woman Dark Sides: Let’s Combat Myths

Some people consider Colombian women materialistic. There might be some truth because the girls used to spend a lot of money on dressing and makeup. However, aren’t they similar to millions of women worldwide? There is nothing weird in there in their quest for looking perfect near their husbands.

The most widespread myth about Colombian wives is that they rely too much on their natural sexuality and seductive curves. In fact, they demonstrate their charms just because their social standards allow them to act in such an explicit way. This is a part of their culture, like almost everywhere in Latin American countries. Colombian single women wear a short skirt not because she wants to grab a rich man. She wears it every day, even if there is no single man nearby. And believe that she will continue to wear skimpy clothes after marriage.

Colombian Ladies

Where to Meet Colombian Mail Order Brides to Your Taste

Colombian women characteristics differ from one city to another. Women in Cartagena may have other features than girls in Bogotá or Cali. In Colombia, this contract is brighter than in other Latinos countries. Maybe, it’s just because it was violent, as we know from its history. Many parts of this region have been existing separately, having different regimes, policies and experiencing various influences.

For example, women from Cartagena have more African influence (traditions, music, dances, and food) since it was the biggest slave market in the past. A beautiful Colombian woman there has darker skin, eyes, and hair color. She is an impressive mix of indigoes, Europeans, and Africans.

In Chía, you’ll feel Middle-East, oriental, and Arabic roots because it was an important international port. Medellín is the European area in Colombia, where many people from Spanish and Germany live. Colombian females have white skin, being a little bit more blonde than girls for marriage from other regions are.

If you want to find a Colombian girl for marriage, you should go far beyond the major tourist cities and expand your search by covering some rural areas. If you plan to visit this country but don’t know where exactly to travel, dating tours will come in handy. Those who prefer to stay at home may use online resources to contact Colombian women remotely in the first instance.

If you want hookups, nightclubs are the best places to succeed. Those into prospective relationships should consider cafes, malls, parks, and other public facilities to meet single Colombian ladies. Nightlife is excellent entertainment when you have already found a girlfriend and want to have a good time together.

Marrying Colombian Girls: Formalities and Traditions

Have you managed to get a Colombian mail order bride? The time came to prepare for the wedding party. Nevertheless, all starts with official procedures. First, you should know that marriage doesn’t mean automatic citizenship for a Colombian bride. For example, U.S residents should apply for a green card for their wives and wait for it for several months. If you don’t want to get married in Columbia but intend to invite your beloved lady to your own country, a dedicated visa is required.

When you’ve made all the arrangements with the authorities, it’s time to celebrate with your Colombian wife. Colombian weddings are authentic and exciting. Here are some romantic and practical Colombian wedding traditions to know and consider:

  • A groom usually throws a “serenata” to his bride’s room on the day before the Colombian marriage.
  • Colombian mothers used to present to a couple of silver items, like plates, tea sets, etc.
  • The future husband is responsible for entertainment for his entire bride’s family.
  • Tons of flowers decorate the church or any other location where the ceremony takes place.
  • When a Colombian beauty and a man exchange rings, they should light three candles to witness their union. A girl lights a candle on her left, while a man does the same on his right. Then, they light a central candle together.

Interestingly, a traditional Colombian male suite for the wedding is white and called Guayabera. It’s made of pure cotton and is very convenient to wear.

Forget about throwing bouquets for girls! Unmarried men hide their shoes under a bride’s dress, and a bride picks one of them randomly. Its owner will be the next guy to marry.

Final Thoughts about Colombian Brides

If you were lucky to find a Colombian mail order wife for life, you would feel like a king forever. Colombian women for marriage are sweet and loving there. They are not perfect and have their own demons, like 100% of people globally, irrespective of their genders and nationalities. Still, a Colombian lady is unique, combining passion, earthliness, and sexuality with intelligence, faithfulness, and the ability to love without regard.

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