Costa Rican Women: Everything A Man Should Know About Dating Costa Rican Girls 

Central American brides are the most desired brides globally. No man can resist their hot temper, innate sexuality, beauty, and openness. It would seem impossible to win the heart of such a woman. Mainly, beautiful women from Costa Rica differ from other Latin brides in conservatism and following traditions. But there are points to pay attention to if you want to try to start an international family.

Popular dating
TOP places to meet Costa Rican womenMonkey’s Bar & Restaurant
Choco bar
Is online dating popular in Costa Rica?Yes

Costa Rican Women Profiles

Luna 32 y.o.
Buenos Aires
Aurora 28 y.o.
Lucia 27 y.o.
Valentina 24 y.o.
Buenos Aires
Sofia 28 y.o.
Isabella 26 y.o.
Olivia 28 y.o.
Julia 32 y.o.
Maria 30 y.o.
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What Are Caribbean Brides Like?

The female Costa Ricans are proud of calling themselves Ticas. These hot babes can’t imagine their lives without a bright appearance and seductive shapes. They look perfect in the eyes of local and foreign men. Like girls of other nationalities, most beautiful Costa Rican women have their secrets to staying bright, showy, and incredibly sexy. What is so special about them?

Bright Colors

Gorgeous Costa Rican women love everything bright – they are not afraid to experiment with colors and often use even the most unimaginable shades of bright blue, purple, and neon green. Nude and natural dyes are not for them.


Beautiful and sexy is synonymous in Central America. An average Costa Rican woman doesn’t think she can be too sexy – she already has elegant shapes, plump lips, bright appearance. Ticas know how to love their body and are never shy about it.

Location Mexico
Age 25
Occupation Cosmetologist
English level Upper Intermediate


Voluminous hairstyles are the most excellent styling according to local ladies. Costa Rican women hair looks as voluminous as possible. They rub coconut oil into the head, use mousses, and styling products. Locals prefer natural ingredients to artificial ones.

Nice Tan

Costa Rican women faces and bodies are covered with an amazing dark tan. Ladies do not hide their skin from the sun. On the contrary, they actively sunbathe and like hair burned in the sun.


One of the leading Costa Rican woman face features is their soft skin. The primary condition of local girls for self-care is moisturizing the skin. They use a lot of moisturizers – lotions, creams, and oils, and in the evenings, they make relaxing masks.

Costa Rican Women


Another secret for facial care is gymnastics and facial massage. It helps to disperse the blood, get rid of edema, and tone the facial muscles.


All famous Costa Rican women are multifaceted and never stay in the same image for long. Moreover, they change their appearance no later than three or four months. It is a change of hairstyle, hair color, makeup, etc.

Do Costa Rican Females Make Good Wives?

Without a doubt, such an exotic lady is a great partner for any man. Girls grow up in families surrounded by caring relatives. They have the example of their parents and are very serious about marriage and family responsibilities.

  • Women of Costa Rica are famous for their culinary talent. They proudly consider themselves the best in cooking. Their man will never be hungry.
  • These beautiful ladies are fantastic in everything they start and try.
  • The main thing, these exotic wives are loving and caring mothers.

Pros & Cons Of Dating Attractive Costa Rican Women

Latinas women are known as passionate girls and good wives. Starting relations with pretty Costa Rican women has many advantages. But what else about them makes them so highly popular?

What do men like dating a Costa Rican girl?What men don’t like
These girls always attract everyone’s attention. Whether you’ve got dates, dinner parties, or hang out with friends, they’re always the belle of the ball.Not every man likes when his wife is the star of every party and draws everyone’s attention.
Women in Costa Rica know how to find happiness in small things and charge their men with their life energy.Beautiful girls need special care. Buy them gifts, and give your time and consideration. Don’t forget about important dates and events.
Ticas are known for their hospitability and care. Don’t forget to show your love and give compliments to stay happy with such a wife.Dancing is a big part of the life of all Latinas. By learning how to dance salsa, you have all chances to win the beautiful women of Costa Rica.
Latin ladies are always looking great. The brightest Costa Rican woman traits are their curvy bodies, sensual lips, and gorgeous faces.Ticas are very temperamental by nature and emotional. It may take time to calm her down.

7 Tips On Dating Costa Rican Women

This must be one of the best experiences you’ll have with a girl. Be a leader to conquer exotic Ticas. These hot-tempered ladies expect men to be much stronger. You can start relationships and make a woman love and respect you if only you are a true leader. Remember that being a leader means also holding a word and taking responsibility! What else should a man do to date Costa Rican girls and grow his relationships into marriage?

  1. Don’t be too bossy from the start of relationships. Ticas like reliable and robust men, but they hate it when men give orders left and right.
  2. Look out for each other’s interests. A typical Costa Rican woman will do everything for her husband and family, but you should respect her wishes.
  3. Western men believe that they’ll get special treatment from local Ticas because they are foreigners. Of course, your citizenship means much. But every woman in Costa Rican is primarily looking for her destiny and true love and not a US or European passport.
  4. Show you are serious about the woman. Central America is a famous touristic country. Crowds of foreigners come here every year to surf and have sex. Only a few men are aimed to start a family with a Costa Rican lady. The girls are honestly tired of such a consumer attitude and are wary of contact with tourists. If you have more severe plans, let your woman know that.
  5. Enchant your Spanish. Modern mail order brides know English well, especially the younger generation. But if you go to Central America to meet pretty Costa Rican girls personally, they still prefer communicating in Spanish. Your minimal knowledge of Spanish can be beneficial in starting a conversation to impress the girl.
  6. Dating a Costa Rican woman, meet her friends and family. Everybody knows the girl will like you if you’ll find contact with her family members and close friends. Therefore, it is better to spend efforts to make your bride’s close people like and appreciate you.
  7. Share your life. It’s very uncommon for foreigners to share their thoughts and experiences with a girl. A man is considered the main in a relationship and should not show a girl his weakness. Your Costa Rican female will be delighted to know that you are honest and ready to share all the joys and sorrows with her.

Best Places For A Date With Costa Rican Girls

Meeting hot Latina ladies online and offline is not a challenge when you know where they are concentrated. Dating online is the easiest thing. Social networks and dating sites will assist your perfect match. If you have serious intentions about dating Costa Rican single women and marrying a girl in the future, buy a flight. Where would you go?

San Jose

The country’s capital, is the busiest city where you can meet Costa Rican women of your dreams. This unique city combines modern and traditional features to make it possible to interest a bride and know each other better.

Spending long hours in San Jose during the daytime will take you to the local cafes, restaurants, and even local markets. The city malls are always full of girls. Go to Great Mall, Santana Row, or Eastridge for a new shirt and ask a passing girl if it suits your eyes color. Costa Rican women stereotypes can’t stop them from communicating with handsome men.The nightlife of San Jose is bright and noisy. The city is full of nightclubs you can use as a good dating platform. To meet single Costa Rican ladies in the clubs downtown next to San Pedro Square is a matter of a couple of hours. The girls usually visit the most popular nightclubs, Miami Beach Club and Club Caribe.
Costa Rican girl


This is another favorite location to meet Costa Rican girls and try to conquer at least one of them. Unlike the country capital with neon signs and restaurants, Tamarindo welcomes you with good weather, hot sand, and crowded beach clubs.

Beach is a place for locals to take some rest and sunbathes. You can meet thin and thick Costa Rican women of different curves and shapes in the beach club, hoping to continue learning her in the evening.Remember these names: La Avispa, El Be Club, Wild Panda, Pacifico Bar. These are the most popular nightspots where curvy Costa Rican women seduce men with their appetite shapes.


This city is called a paradise on earth due to its mind-blowing locations, stunning beaches, and active surf life. Where to go to meet Costa Rican women?

The city is large enough to give you a chance to visit sports activities, hiking and biking clubs, casinos, and restaurants and find your destiny. You can even meet modern Costa Rican women in the hotel and buy them a drink.Culebra is a calm city with beautiful nature. It is better to invite a girl for a midnight picnic at the beach instead of spending time in a hot nightclub. Buy a bottle of wine and some fruits to make your evening successful.

Why Is Dating Costa Rican Women On The Internet Considered To Be Normal?

Meeting Ticas offline may be challenging for many men as these girls seem so gorgeous and complicated to get that you may get scared to approach them. Fortunately, dating a Costa Rican woman in America is possible due to online dating sites. These exotic girls love spending time on the internet, hoping to find a foreign husband. Many of them want a better life and a man who will respect and care for his bride, unlike most local machos.

A traditional Tinder is not enough to marry a Costa Rican beautiful woman. Choosing a reputable online platform with a decent audience and a great range of dating options is better. Try Latin American Cupid and Badoo.


Costa Rican woman body is considered the sexiest globally, and many men visit this country hoping to get one of the local girls as a wife at 18. Ticas is deservedly named the most beautiful and caring wife. With such a wife, you can forget about the bad moods and gloomy faces. Their easy-going nature and intelligence make these ladies perfect partners and the most desired women of all Latinas. If you want to approach one, follow the tips from this article, and don’t be lazy to show your mannish qualities to attract Costa Rican beautiful women.

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