What You Should Know About Dating Colombian Girls

Dating Colombian women is a dream of millions of men fascinated by Latin American women’s beauty. Colombian girls draw the attention of young and middle-aged men from all over the world and give them a chance to date them. Sexy and hot Latinas are desired because of their stunning looks and passionate personalities. If you have always wanted to meet a girl from this part of the world, this article is going to be your guide. Not only will you find interesting facts about attractive Colombian women, but you will also find the best places to meet them.

Colombian Women Profiles

Luna 32 y.o.
Buenos Aires
Aurora 28 y.o.
Lucia 27 y.o.
Valentina 24 y.o.
Buenos Aires
Sofia 28 y.o.
Isabella 26 y.o.
Olivia 28 y.o.
Julia 32 y.o.
Maria 30 y.o.
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Why Are Colombian Women So Attractive?

Beautiful women from Colombia impress with their natural beauty. Colombian woman face features are pretty and feminine. They are usually not tall and have curvy bodies, big breasts, and tanned skin. Their brown eyes are like magnets, and their lips are puffy. Most beautiful women of Colombia have dark and shiny hair. An average Colombian woman is about 5.3 and fit. As they lead a healthy lifestyle and are passionate about sports, they look attractive at any age.

Personality Traits of Colombian Women

Every Western guy who is interested in dating a Colombian woman wonders what kind of bride a local girl makes. Well, these women are not only attractive from the outside. They have pleasant personalities, which makes them excellent life partners. Keep reading the article to find out about the main characteristics of gorgeous Colombian women.

Colombian Women


Colombian beautiful women make excellent life partners as they love their families and dream of creating one themselves. From a young age, these ladies are raised with the idea that a family is the biggest blessing. Young girls learn about dating culture and dream of meeting handsome guys to get married. If you are looking for a woman who is loyal and want to create a family, Colombia is the right destination.

Location Havana
Age 28
Occupation Hairdresser
English level Intermediate


A Colombian beautiful woman is grateful and humble. A Latin American bride would admire all your efforts and enjoy simple things. Dating Colombian women bring westerners lots of pleasure as these women appreciate the time men spend with them and all the gifts they give them.

Talkative and Flirty

Colombian beauties are chatty, flirty, and have a good sense of humor. This is why foreign men find them too attractive. They are also fun-loving and easy-going, so you will not struggle to find good-looking Latin American girls in clubs and bars. One of the reasons why so many Westerners choose Colombian women is because it is so easy to chat them up and have a friendly conversation. They do not come across as arrogant and reserved.

So these are the positive characteristics you will find in a typical Colombian woman.

meet Colombian Women

What Kind of Wives Colombian Girls Make?

Modern Colombian women enjoy online dating. They find it convenient and exciting to meet foreign guys online so that you will meet many sexy Latin American girls on the Internet. Local females make exceptional wives: they are caring, devoted, loving, and passionate. They put family as a priority and support their partners. They make excellent mothers too.

Even though there are many Colombian women stereotypes still, many Westerners dream of marrying pretty Colombian girls as they are known for being caring wives and passionate lovers. It is a dream of every single man to get a woman who would cook delicious meals, support his decisions, and be a great lover at the same time. So if you are lucky to meet and conquer the heart of a single Colombian woman, you will be rewarded with all these benefits.

Colombian wife

Exciting Facts About Colombian Women

There are some interesting facts that you should know before you dive into relationships with bot Latinas:

They Are Affectionate

Affection is significant for every Colombian girl which is described well in this review. These women feel life through affection. This is why they have such intense energy that draws foreign men. Local brides are open about their emotions and feelings. It is all about passion and emotions when you date them. Single Colombian ladies do not stay on their own for a long time: a local woman can not live without passion and love. So when you finally find a good-looking Latin American female, do not lose her as there are so many guys who want to date her too.

They Are Jealous

One thing that you will find with a Colombian lady is jealousy. Good Colombian women features are romantic and charming, but Latin American girls can be jealous and furious if you mistreat them. As mentioned in this article, local brides are loyal and devoted to their partners, so they get furious and upset when their partners disrespect them. If you look at other girls or flirt with them, you will see your Colombian date is highly jealous.

They Are Naturally Stunning

One thing that you can not doubt and every guy will agree with is that local brides are very attractive. You would probably meet the biggest number of gorgeous women from head to toe. Read more about hot Colombians and see why so many guys want to marry them.

We bet these facts made you even more interested in getting acquainted with Latin American beauties.

beautiful women of Colombia

5 Tips on Dating a Colombian Girl

There is a vast number of foreign men who are interested in dating a Colombian woman in America. But the question is, “How?” Latin American hotties are super attractive and friendly, but dating them and building serious relationships can be challenging if you have never dated a woman from this part of the world.

So, if this part of the article, we would love to share five effective tips on dating a Colombian girl as a foreigner:

  • Take the lead with Colombian girls

When you meet Colombian women, you must show that you are an alpha. Local females get attracted to strong, confident, and decisive men. They want to follow men and lead by example. So, if you want to impress a hot Colombian woman, you should lead a relationship. Come up with an idea where to have dinner, tell her about your feelings, and make serious decisions on how you can be together and when you will get married.

  • Accept her crazy character

Colombian females can be crazy. They are passionate, full of energy, fun-loving, and jealous at the same time. Many guys get attracted to local brides but also can get tired of their energy very fast. Your Colombian date would call you a few times a day and then not pick up her phone when you call her. If you want to be with a charming Latin bride, you should accept her uniqueness and craziness.

  • Talk about marriage and family

One thing that can undoubtedly melt the heart of a stunning Latina is when a guy tells her he wants to get married and create a family one day. Your chances of succeeding with a Colombian lady double if you tell her how much you want to become a husband and a father one day. Making future plans together will bring you closer.

  • Dress to impress

It is not a surprise that in Latin America, everyone tries to impress with their look. If you visit Colombia, you will see that women and men dress nicely and know a lot about fashion. Unlike in Europe, Latin Americans judge by the look, so if you want to start dating a local woman, you first need to impress her with your appearance. Make sure your clothes are tidy, and you smell nice.

  • Public displays of affection

When you date Colombian girls, you can feel free if you want to put your arm around their waists and hug and kiss them in public. Not only can you feel free, but your Latina girlfriend will like it. Not touching such a sexy and hot girl next to you can be very challenging, so you can relax and display your affection in a bar or club.

With these tips in mind, your chances of succeeding at dating pretty Colombian women are very high!

Colombian Girls

What Are The Best Places To Meet Colombian Women?

When it comes to meeting sexy Colombian single women, many foreigners ask: “What is the best place to meet a local girl?” Well, the number of places to get acquainted with Colombian wives and have a fantastic time. There are excellent nightclubs, bars, and shopping malls where you will come across hundreds of sexy females.

According to the list of the best bars, you can meet Colombian women at ease. Local dating culture implies single people going out and socializing. So, the places you will find out about from the table below are just perfect for getting acquainted with single ladies from the main Colombian cities.

Local barsBogota: Pedro Mandinga Rum, Gringo Tuesdays


Medellin: La Octava, Panorama Rooftop

Cartagena: The Clock Pub, El Baron

NightclubsBogota: Clandestino, Theatron


Medellin: Calle 9+1, Sweet Jesus Mine

Cartagena: Taboo Disco Club, Pley

Shopping mallsBogota: Andino, Atlantis Plaza


Medellin: Santafe, Unicentro

Cartagena: Mall Plaza, Bocagrande

If you enjoy shopping rather than sitting in a bar, you will find a long list of the best shopping malls. Colombia is a beautiful country with stunning women that you will find everywhere. If you are someone who prefers online dating, then you will come across a huge number of Latin American mail order bride services that would offer you to view profiles of sexy Colombian brides.

Colombian beautiful woman

Pros and Cons Of Dating Colombian Women

To give you a genuine review if you want to meet Colombian girls, we decided to create two lists: one with pros of dating Latinas and another one with the downsides you have to be prepared for.

Pros of Dating Colombian Girls

  • Pretty Colombian women faces
  • Friendly and flirty
  • Family-oriented and make excellent wives
  • Loyal and honest

Cons of Dating Colombian Girls

  • They are jealous
  • They can tire you with their energy
  • They get attracted to men who follow fashion

So here are a few pros and cons of dating girls from this country. Overall, you will enjoy many more positives in a relationship with a Latina woman.

Final Thoughts on Dating Colombian Girls

As we are coming to the end of this review, we would like to summarize all the information and give you a few more hints on dating the most beautiful Colombian women. Below you will see the names of the best dating apps, places, and whether you have a chance to find a Colombian wife on the Internet:

Popular dating sitesLatinAmericanCupid, La Date, Chispa
Top places/cities to meet Colombian womenPedro Mandinga Rum, Gringo Tuesdays
Is Online Dating Popular in ColombiaYes. Woman in Colombia are active users of international dating apps and sites. They get attracted to English and American men, find them handsome and great for long-term relationships.

So now you know plenty of places to head if you land in Bogota, Medellin, or Cartagena. There you will be welcomed by sexy Latinas who will surround you with their charming smiles and positive energy. The first thing you will notice is the Colombian woman body: local brides have the sexiest curves but do not forget that these females are also warm-hearted. So, do not just look at their booties but look into their hearts!

Colombian single women

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