Dating Puerto Rican Girls: Everything Foreigners Should Know About Attractive Puerto Rican Women

Caribbean people are an enchanting mix of races and cultures. Most locals have Spanish, Afro-Caribbean, and Tian blood in their veins. Beautiful Puerto Rican women are always open, friendly, and hospitable. They kiss each other on the cheeks and hug when meeting and saying goodbye. An average Puerto Rican woman facial expressions and gestures are very expressive. These girls chat with friends, relatives, neighbors, and even strangers. It is not difficult to win the heart of one of the local beauties.

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TOP places to meet Puerto Rican womenLa Placita de Santurce
Al’s Mar Azul
Is online dating popular in Puerto Rico?Yes

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What Are Puerto Rican Girls Like?

Girls from this world are best known for their exceptional sweetness, kindness, and beauty. The beautiful women of Puerto Rico are very charming and can even speak English perfectly. Mind that this city is a Spanish island located in the Caribbean, the most popular tourist destination for international dating. Why are local females wanted worldwide as mail-order brides?

Voluptuous Figure

The stunning women in Puerto Rico are grateful for having such “a favorable inheritance” in the form of wide hips and ample bosom. But only a few are slender and thin. Latin America is one of the countries where the population is severely obese. It is primarily due to nutrition. For breakfast, curvy Puerto Rican women eat 3-6 tacos (corn tortillas with meat).


Girls of this exotic country are the top winners of national and international beauty competitions. All famous Puerto Rican women, such as models, actresses, singers, and TV presenters, have become popular due to their specific features. Your beloved Puerto Rican woman face features are bright and proportional. Their appearance is fascinating at first sight. They seem impregnable but, at the same time, ready for new acquaintances and romantic affairs.

Location Mexico
Age 25
Occupation Cosmetologist
English level Upper Intermediate


It is important for many thin and thick Puerto Rican women to be beautiful, but the approach to the process is entirely different from American ladies.

One of the differences is that home skin and hair care is unpopular in exotic countries. Some elderly seniors rinse their faces and hair with herbal extracts, but young Puerto Rican women faces need salon treatments. There are many salons for every taste and budget, but the quality of services and products also varies.

Many ladies do not have the patience to maintain the result. It also applies to the fight against excess weight.

Dressing Style

The taste in clothes is also different from Western. Modern Puerto Rican women still love dresses, skirts, and high heels, but they prefer T-shirts and jeans in everyday life. There is no such concern about the integrity of the image. You can easily see clashing colors such as black, red, or green bras peeking out from under a white blouse, cheap slippers, or a handmade bag with a cocktail dress.

In the cold regions of Central America, locals wear sweaters and jeans, sometimes not taking off their outerwear at home. Both males and females wear knitted hats and gloves. They love faux fur products and caring about the environment.

Puerto Rican Women

Do Puerto Rican Females Become Good Wives?

Speaking of marriage, you need to know that despite Puerto Rican beautiful women being very sexually liberated and open-minded, they are not easy to conquer. But if you are lucky to charm one of them, you’ll get a perfect wife. Dating a Puerto Rican woman, you should tell her about your serious intentions to have a long-term committed relationship growing into a marriage. Mind that these girls are jealous and would not let you come close only if they trust you.

They Are Family-Oriented

A typical Puerto Rican woman dreams of raising kids with the man she loves. She doesn’t dream of fulfilling some ambitious roles because the principal wife’s task is taking care of kids and family. Therefore, picking a bride from Latin America, expect to have children much sooner into the relationship than any Western brides.

They Are Outstanding Housewives

The ability to bring up kids is not the main of Puerto Rican woman traits. On top of that, they are great homemakers.

The girls are taught to clean and care for the house from a young age. Pretty Puerto Rican girls are inspired by doing the cleaning, the washing, and other everyday house chores. Don’t forget these ladies have exceptional culinary skills. Local cuisine will surprise you with its nutritious and diverse taste. Dreaming of enjoying homemade delicacies every day, marry a Puerto Rican female.

Pros & Cons Of Dating Attractive Puerto Rican Women

Single Puerto Rican ladies don’t expect much from their partners. It is enough to be a gentleman and takes responsibility for your words and doings. Instead, you’ll get many qualities your lady gives you.

Positive QualitiesNegative Qualities
Self-confidence is what every woman in Puerto Rican region has. She knows what she wants from life and will never doubt her choice.Caribbean signoras are known as too much temperamental and emotional. They often behave like the actresses of dramas and TV series. They tend to exaggerate and make dramatic decisions.
Exotic girls can boast a good sense of humor. If you want to conquer the girl, make her laugh when she needs it the most.Dating a Puerto Rican girl means giving her all your time and attention. You’ll have to buy them gifts, arrange dates and parties. Otherwise, you risk making your wife feel lonely and unhappy.
Sensitive – women of Puerto Rico are very hearty and touching. They need a caring spouse, a real gentleman, attentive to their wife’s needs and inner world.You have to learn to dance even if you don’t like this idea. Latina ladies are passionate dancers and will do everything to dance with you. Get ready to attend dance parties every Saturday.
Foreign men appreciate many Puerto Rican women features but love their cleaning and washing abilities the most. Your beloved spouse will always try hard to make your home pleasant and comfortable.Not every man likes his wife follows his lead, and doesn’t have enough strength to make his own decisions.

5 Tips On Dating Gorgeous Puerto Rican Women

The world knows that Puerto Rican single women look unapproachable. When you learn the girl closer, you’ll see how open and sincere she is. Emotions always prevail. Try to be as much emotional as you can with a girl, shake hands in a relaxed manner to greet her, and say something pleasant to make the atmosphere on a date informal.

Dating a Puerto Rican woman in America requires bringing a small gift, preferably flowers or sweets, on the first date. Girls like it when partners give them flowers and say charming compliments to show their affection instead of keeping silent and brutal whenever they live in the Caribbean or America. Each girl is unique, so you will have to measure all pros and cons and adapt them to your concrete date.

  1. One of the most popular Puerto Rican women stereotypes is they love money. Of course, every Latin girl loves when a man pays on a date. Do not even think to share the bill. Show that you are ready to bear the costs.
  2. Latinas are very curious and ready to learn new things. You will get more success if you tell your lady things she doesn’t know.
  3. Keep promises. It helps to keep the feelings in full combat readiness. It is essential for a signora that the man she loves keeps the word. Do not be the type of man that makes your lady wait and be disappointed.
  4. Be forceful. Most beautiful Puerto Rican women expect you to decide where they will go on a date, what you will eat, and what film to watch. For her, you must have decision-making skills.
  5. Don’t hide your emotions. It is not uncommon to kiss a girl on the first date or sleep with a girl. But share your emotions about her beauty. No doubt, your Puerto Rican woman body is admirable and worth compliments even on a first meeting.

Best Spots To Date Puerto Rican Girls

The internet world is full of attractive offers about dating the girl of your dreams. Brides from all continents are easily reachable. Before you go online and sign up for one of those meet-up sites, it’s a good idea to meet some local ladies of your own.

Approaching Girls In Nightclubs & Bars

Looking for a good place to approach a girl, visit local nightclubs. It is the best option when you want to pick up pretty Puerto Rican women in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. Many young girls spend long nights in modern nightclubs hoping to change the future and meet a good guy. Luckily, you are American and will always be in favor.

Here is a list of the best nightclubs and singles bars to pick up San Juan girls:

  • Club Brava at 6063 Isla Verde Ave
  • Nono’s at 100 Calle San Sebastián
  • Patrick’s Irish Bar at 1157 Ashford Avenue
  • Señor Frog’s at 102 Calle Marina
  • La Respuesta at 1600 Ave Fernandez Juncos
  • El Batey at 101 Calle del Cristo
  • Club Kronos at 192 Segarra St
  • Taberna Boricua at 418 Cll Agueybana
  • La Factoría at 148 Calle San Sebastián
  • Aguardiente at 204 Calle Canals
  • Piso Viejo at 1917 Calle Loíza
  • El Boricua at 5 Calle Saldaña

Meet San Juan Girls During The Day

Hoping to meet Puerto Rican women in the daytime, the first thing that comes on mind is visiting local beaches. Ocean Park Beach may be the best option if the weather is nice. If you don’t like picking up beach girls, visit the La Concha university district with lots of cafes, restaurants, universities, and libraries. Approaching girls in the shopping malls are the most traditional way to start a conversation and not arouse suspicion. Here is the list of best-visited shopping malls in San Juan:

  • Plaza del Sol
  • Plaza Las Americas
  • Plaza Río Hondo
  • The Mall of San Juan
  • San Patricio Plaza

If you want to travel to the Caribbean to meet Puerto Rican girls, be careful. Consult your embassy first and always consider the given advice. Although there are no significant dangers in tourist areas, it is better to be too cautious than not enough.

Suppose you are not sure where to go to find a Puerto Rican beautiful woman. In that case, you may use internet resources to ask locals or even American guys who visited Latin America before for the most favorable dating spots in the city and around.

Puerto Rican Girls

Why Is Dating Puerto Rican Women On The Internet Considered To Be Normal?

Modern Latin girls are self-cared and well-educated. They are not very ambitious but have a dream to find a reliable partner and start a family. Puerto Rican women hair, body, and character features draw men’s attention and admiration. Passionate sex makes your marriage even more vital.

Many local signoras can’t choose a husband among Latin men giving preference to Western guys. Most locals are alcoholics and are not interested in their families. Hot Latinas become mail-order brides to meet a foreign man who can provide a secure future. Since these girls make dedicated partners, stable relationships are sought. They want to have children and lead a happy domestic life.


Do you know what wife you wish for in life? If you prefer hot and sexy girls to emotionally cold ladies, it’s a good idea to meet Puerto Rican women. Latina wives are kind and passionate, emotional, and very smart. They know how to spoil a man giving him all their love and care. If you also prefer dark-skinned and dark-haired girls to slim American blondes, start browsing the international dating websites. With a Latin bride by your side, you will experience many beautiful moments, pleasant emotions, romance, respect, and love.

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